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The SpywareGuide research team has been at the forefront of spyware and privacy protection for years. The team spends considerable time researching and reporting on the topics that matter -- protecting your PC and privacy. The SpywareGuide Articles are the result of this effort. Topics covered included botnets, rootkits, IM worms, spyware, adware, keyloggers, privacy and much more.

If you have a Article you would like to submit, or would like to considered as a guest writer, please contact us.

Thoughts on the Consumer Protection Against Computer Spyware Act
SpywareGuide Staff
Everyone wants legislation to curb the growing threat of spyware. But what happens if the legislation is poorly written?

Open Letter to Software Developers: Mind Your CLSIDs
Jan Hertsens
Some developers seem to insist on re-using existing CLSIDs. This article explains why this is a really bad idea.

Co-Registration and Your Inbox
Wayne Porter, Jan Hertsens
Ever wonder how you got signed up to all of those newsletters? This article explains the arcane marketing art of co-reg and how your address is sold, swapped and bartered everyday with and without your knowledge.

Fima Case: Forensics Gone Wrong?
SpywareGuide Staff
Every know and then we get an unusual e-mail from the readers at SpywareGuide. This particular case is around what can happen when traces of potentially illegal material is found a person's hard drive. We are making no judgements on this persons case, but we feel it is landmark in how the situation has been handled or mishandled as the case may be.

Press Release: Performics & Commission Junction Release New Adware Guidelines via Code of Conduct
Wayne Porter
Both Performics and Commission Junction (the largest Pay for Performance Network) has relased changes to the publisher COC (code of conduct) in order to provide more guidance on how applications should behave in terms of ethics and how they should interact with a consumer's pc.

PurityScan or PurityPop?
Wayne Porter
Sure you can get security software for free, even "anti-spyware" that will cleanse your system of pop-ups. What they bury in the fine print is that you are about to receive an onslaught of pop-ups ads as a price for the freeb service. Don't worry they don't call them ads- they call them interstitials. Sounds more like a surgery to us.

When in Doubt- make it up!
Jan Hertsens
A little white lie can get you a long way with online privacy. Users must decide how much information to provide and how accurate that information should be.

The Ten Truth's About Spyware
Wayne Porter
No one should be too paranoid, but an informed user is a safe user.

Identity Theft and Spyware
Wayne Porter
The link between snooper programs and identity theft. Strategies to play it safe with your real-world and digital identity. Labeled ?the fastest growing crime in America,? it is predicted that in the United States alone, 15 million people (or 1 in 20) will have their identity compromised in 2006 ? that's more than a 350 percent increase from a year ago.

ICQ Nightmare: A True Story of a Bad Password
Wayne Porter
Think ICQ or instant messenging is safe? Think again. Read this true life story about one man who lost his account due to bad password selection.

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