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The SpywareGuide research team has been at the forefront of spyware and privacy protection for years. The team spends considerable time researching and reporting on the topics that matter -- protecting your PC and privacy. The SpywareGuide Articles are the result of this effort. Topics covered included botnets, rootkits, IM worms, spyware, adware, keyloggers, privacy and much more.

If you have a Article you would like to submit, or would like to considered as a guest writer, please contact us.

Balloons are for Clowns...and Spyware
Chris Boyd, Wayne Porter
Everyone likes games, but no one likes it when they game their system. This article explores a game with no uninstaller, no help files and a nice helping of unwanted programs including SearchMiracle 180 Solutions and you guessed it- NO EULA.

Boyd & Porter Talk Rootkits and Worms on David Lawrence Show
SpywareGuide Staff
Just when you thought it was safe...rootkits and IM worms come along.

Press Release: FTC Shuts Down Spyware Operation
SpywareGuide Staff
Outfit Used Unsuspecting Bloggers to Spread its Malicious Code

Worm Propogates via AOL IM Installs Rootkit & Adware
FaceTime Security Lab Staff
FaceTime Security Labs Warns Organizations Against Malicious Executable. FaceTime Security Labs identified and reported a new threat being propagated through the AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) network. The worm is being passed through instant messages from members on a user's Buddy List and within AOL chat rooms. FaceTime researchers confirmed today that the W32/Sdbot-ADD - identified previously by including an adware bundle ? also includes the lockx.exe rootkit file. The executable provides an attacker with the capability to upload, download and monitor the infected host. Furthermore, the executable attempts to shut down anti-virus programs and leaves a backdoor on the host PC to install additional software including adware payloads: 180Solutions, Zango, the Freepod Toolbar, MaxSearch, Media Gateway, and SearchMiracle

Shop At Home Select- What's Happened.
Chris Boyd, Wayne Porter
Greynets continue to propogate. Recently Shop at Home Select earned them a pass out of the Commission Junction network. We explore the technical aspects of this removal. Azoogle, who claims to be "spyware free' appear is this write-up.

The Rogue Google Toolbar: History and Variants
Chris Boyd
Analysis of the Rogue Google Toolbar group that has actually been operating since 2003 including deductions on possible attack vectors.

Dissection of Rogue Google Toolbar Payload
Chris Criswell, Wayne Porter
Dissection of rogue Google Toolbar installations. Includes reference sites and CLSIDs. Payload analysis based on Chris Boyds's "The Rogue Google Toolbar: History and Variants."

The Anti-phishing Tool Bar Controversy...
Christopher Boyd
Netcraft releases an anti-phishing toolbar and we publish our findings. Is it spyware or a consumer boon? You be the judge.

The IM Hackers: How They Did It
Chris Boyd, Wayne Porter
This SpywareGuide.com article continues the theme of potent Internet Messenging Greynet threats, with a look inside the mind of a group of IM hackers who cunningly reworked common exploits to deliver a huge payload of unauthorised software. Here, we explore with exactly how they did it like an episode of CSI.

EULA Dissection- What to Look For in a EULA
Wayne Porter, Jan Hertsens
What's in a EULA also known as an End User License Agreement. We take one apart for you. Before you download that software or must have digital trinket READ THE FINE PRINT.

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